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OEM Toners VS New Compatible Toners

What is the difference between OEM and New Compatible toner cartridges?

OEM Toner Cartridges

An OEM Cartridge is made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, in other words, the company that made your printer also made the cartridge. For example, if you own a Dell printer, then the Dell brand is the maker of OEM cartridges for your device.

New Compatible Toner Cartridges

A compatible toner cartridge is made by a third party manufacturer than your printer and is made up of all compatible parts. It is very similar to the OEM cartridges however it can be used in a variety of different printers. We recommend that when buying compatible toner cartridges you always buy New Compatible toner as some less reputable manufacturers will simply refill old OEM cartridges with toner and slap a new label on it.

So what is the best option ?

The better option here is pretty clear, new compatible cartridges are cheaper, can work just as well and are more eco-friendly than their counterpart OEM cartridges. In fact, by using new compatible cartridges you can see average savings from 30-40% per toner. sometimes even more than 50%! A reputable dealer of new compatible toners tests their toners to know what brands of new compatible toner are manufactured to a high standard of quality and will work with your various devices.